Class Perfume

  • Client : Hamid Maraghe Chian (Atr e Arian)
  • Date : 2014
Project Info :
Client :
Calvin Carlo
Category :
Web Design
Date :
23rd Sep, 2021
Website :
Location :
3/2/64 Mongus Street, UK

ClassPerfume: Luxuary Perfume Brand

ClassPerfume was a niche luxury perfume brand based in Dubai. It had 12 perfumes for men and women. Customer needed a website which reflected the luxury essence of it brand. They wanted high quality photos of each perfume bottle in addition to high quality and a bit seductive photo for introducing each one.

Activities and Responsibility

My role in this project was UX designer and also UI developer. I worked in close collaboration with Product manager, photographer and other team members.

Firstly, I made a great effort in research greatest perfume brands’ websites to be familiar with this environment. To get inspired, I delve into to enrich my about this project. I tended to add stunning animation and to design the website in a dark theme similar to other international well-known fashion or perfume websites.

After confirming sketches and wireframes with product manager and also customer, I started developing UI with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery.

I used Adobe photoshop to edit colors of photos. I decided to design this project in dark theme so that I had to change all stock photos to grayscale and just some iconic elements in page remained colorful.


Working with Hamid Maraghechian (Our customer) is always joyful. He never gets satisfied easily and working with him make me more patient because he focusses on every pixel of page to be cool enough from his perspective. With Classperfume project I dived into fashion websites and got familiar with JavaScript as a magic tool