An official website of Escape Metaverse

  • Client : SkillGaming
  • Date : Auguest 2022

ESCAPE Metaverse official website

Escape, a cut of the edge metaverse which is in develop stage (now in 2022) associated whit its crypto currency and exchange online platform.

In this website we should introduce this new metaverse, its modern avatars, all items that players can buy with its official coin (OVN), lands and the theory behind it and investment opportunities.

Project Info :
Client :
Category :
Web Design
Date :
Auguest 2022
Role :
UX designer - WordPress developer
Technologies & tools:
WordPress, Elementor Pro

Activities, Responsibility and Achievements

Time was the most challenging item in this project. We had just 1 month to design and develop. So that I suggested WordPress CMS for developing this project. We held 5 sessions with customer to understand needs of project and collecting data. All data categorized based on contents should be shown in main page and other pages.

I started work with choosing 4 themes from for delivering to customer to find out the taste of them. They one of them and I started to design and develop our project based on it using Elementor. Moreover, our customer wanted outstanding animated full screen sliders with a modern, dark and electronic essence. Slider revolution seemed the best solution.

As a front-end developer using HTML, CSS and JavaScript is more convenient but in this time shortage, Elementor was life saver! And frankly, I love it.

In this project I worked with a very professional coordinator Ali Kasaei who is my close friend which manage project on behalf of customer. They were working together for more than 5 years and in fact Ali connected us to each other.

Project delivered on time with all features they ordered and after 2 weeks revise and edit process, it was completely deployed on customers dedicated server.

My Responsibility:

• To choose technology for designing and developing
• To design data structure, pages, menus and each page data architecture
• To Design UX
• To develop website with WordPress, Elementor and Slider revolution
• To deploy project on new server


Working remotely with a multi-disciplinary team based on England and Cyprus was amazing experience for me. Also, although, dive into Elementor and SliderRevolution challenges was a bit stressful, simultaneously enhance my knowledge about these tools as modern tools for some occasion. In addition, In many projects we have to sacrifice some stunning items like background videos or high quality wide picture for sake of loading speeds, but in this project customer asked us to use all high quality attractive element regardless of many issues can be happened in first loading! And it was a spectacular experience.