cafekado Online Perfume Magazine

  • Date : 2012-2014

AtreArian, Most popular Online Perfume Magazine in IRAN

Hamid Maraghechian was one of our best friends and customers who was working with us since 2010. He had a great company that was in the perfume and essence market and his company was one of the chief essence companies in Iran’s market at that time. He was crazy about perfumes, so he ordered us to create the largest Persian perfume magazine.
I was in charge of leading a 10-person team to design and develop an online magazine that should introduce perfumes, brands and perfumers, and had to introduce many materials that were utilized in perfume industries, most of them had no equal name in Persian! Creating beneficial articles about perfumes in the Iran market and translating articles from English to Farsi were our main activities for the content team at that time.
We created a 100,000-member community of perfume lovers and provided a platform for communicating about fragrances, perfumes, and brands.

Project Info
Category :
Online magazine
Date :
Role :
Product manager – Web developer
Technologies & tools:
HTML, CSS, javascript, jQuery, C#,, SQL Server

Activities and Responsibility

• led a 6-person content team for creating and translating articles, Perfume group descriptions, perfume notes, and perfume ingredients.

• Working as a full-stack developer with the software development team (Asp. Webform developer, Front-End developer)

• Translating the needs and expectations of the directing board to wireframes.

• Working on creating new widgets like customer clubs, user perfume Wishlist, and perfume recommender system to enhance user satisfaction and acquire new users.


• Introduced in one of the popular technology programs on Manoto Tv called Tech-Show as the best website of the year in Iran
• Soaring the sale rate of the essence up to 19% in the mother company (Padideh Atre Arian Co.) thanks to trusting this magazine create among businesses that were customers of Atre Arian Co.
• Acquiring more than 100,000 registered users between 2012 to 2014
• More than 7000 daily visits. 12000 unique visitors on the day that was shown on TV, therefore Atre Arian was known as a famous brand in Iran perfume market.

Tech-show Manoto Tv

Thanks to more than 4000 translated and authored articles and working on many keywords related to perfume and essence if you were searching about perfumes, you would be very likely to find on the first page, especially on the first or second topic. Many very famous Facebook groups, websites, and blogs use to recognize AtreArian as their references and link to it. One night we record a very strict pressure on our website and we found that more than 12000 unique users had visited our website, our friends announced to us that your website is now introducing on a Tv tech show and that was so exciting for us.

What they think about me

Today in 2022, After more than 12 years of cooperating with Reza and after executing more than 20 very successful projects, I am glad to say that we are close friends. Thanks to Reza’s comprehensive knowledge in technology fields, we’ve launched various products for my company (Padideh Atre Arian Co.) ranging from an online magazine and online perfume shops, to various websites for our brands like OXO and Class Perfume, and CRM software and so on. He Remotely managed the online magazine team for more than 2 years very carefully. He is reliable, a team worker, patient, and a passionate person. Due to his knowledge of marketing and also his artistic sense and his ability in photoshop, etc., he worked closely with our marketing and graphic team. He is AMAZING!

Hamid Maraghechian
CEO & Founder at Atrearian Co.