Dart, Cryptocurrency

  • Client : Skillgaming
  • Date : 2021
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Landing page design
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Dart: Landing page for introducing new cryptocurrency for a metaverse

The designing landing page is one of the most frequent orders we accept during the years. In this project, our customer from England who launched a metaverse decided to introduce its cryptocurrency. Based on their needs and the time shortage we faced, I suggested selecting a theme from Themeforest.com and customizing it according to their needs and expectations, thus we started.

Activities and Responsibility

The story started with some online sessions with managing boards and people who were in charge of the designing of their metaverse. They really know what they wanted. An electronic dark theme, animated elements, and a very technological environment. I choose 3 themes and introduced them and absolutely they selected the best one from my way of thinking.
After holding 3 to 5 sessions for designing data architecture and demonstrating information that they wanted to show on this landing page and sections also, I started my job.

My Responsibility:

• To design section of landing page based on needs
• To design data structure and page architecture
• To Design UX
• To develop UI based on facilities, widgets, and codes chosen theme had got.
• To design and develop animations bast on managing board ideas.


In many projects, I’ve found that our customers regardless that it is an individuals or huge companies, had no clear idea about their needs, and expectations. They have lots of rules and documentation and wanted to automate them or are eager to introduce their product or services that are not clear even for themselves.

Our most important achievement in this project was:
• Demonstrating value proposition
• Clarifying timelines and tiers of this cryptocurrency not just for website users, but even for team members who lose their timetables.
• Creating an attractive website that persuades users to read their data completely
• Simplifying the values, investment opportunities, whitelist, and the way of investment for users who wanted to invest on this cryptocurrency