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An experienced Product manager and a Web developer with an extreme focus on designing and developing UI with JavaScript frameworks. Thanks to more than 10 years of experience in developing products and online services besides the experience in running my startup, I pose a collection of skills ranging from design skills and coding with modern web technologies and techniques like ReactJS and NextJS to marketing, SEO, and managing skills. I can conceptualize, create, develop and maintain user-friendly websites, applications, and landing pages based on the customer journey.
I am considered a team player with excellent verbal and written communication skills who works effectively with people at all levels.
I am passionate about creating online services to impact a wide range of people and making a change in their lives

Reza Rezaeipour
About Reza

Product Designer | Product Manager | ReactJS & NextJS Developer

Product Design & Product Management 80%
Front-end Developement (HTML5, CSS3, BootStrap5, Tailwind, jQuery) 90%
JavaScript(ES6), ReactJS, NextJS 80%
Back-End Development Background (, PHP) 30%
WordPress (Woocommerce, Elementor Pro, SliderRevolution,...) 80%

Skills and experiences

As a Web developer, I've spent the last 10 years creating products in online retail and E-commerce, educational systems, international trading, and CRM fields.

Product Management

Communicating with customers, designers, developers, software engineers, data analysts, and driving an idea into a real product affecting people's lives always makes me so satisfied. Thanks to running my startup is known as I have achieved a collection of ability and skills in product management field

Front-End Development

As a product designer and a software engineer, it always has been critical for me to be able to create the UI of my product; it has been a personal desire. For the past ten years, I have dedicated most of my time to developing UI using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and jQuery. Recently, I’ve been using React.js, Next.js, and tailwind to create the fastest web application.

Experience Timeline

My Career story in brief

Since I graduated from the university, I have wanted to create something unique, a product that can change people's lives. I'm still on that way. Find my career path until now in 2022 in the below timeline

Wholesahall Co. with an extensive experience in trading needed to renew its procedures and utilize technology to optimize processes . Over the past two years, in cooperation with a 15-person team, we have designed more than ten products to facilitate communication between team members, and between the company and users from various countries in 4 languages (English, Russian, Turkish, and Farsi).

Wholesalehall Group (UAE, Greece)
Senior product manager, Tech leader(Remote)
Fundraising for Cafekado

After taking part in more than 10 national and International investment events, and plenty of effort, I finally signed an investment contract whit an Angle Investor with personal passion for handicrafts and empowering people, especially women. Now, Cafekado has its new directing board and after 2021, I've worked there as a product owner, advisor, and on some occasions the product manager.

Product-Market Fit Training Course
Business Model Canvas Training Course
Business Plan Writing Training Course
Lean Startup Methodology Training Course
Elevator Pitch Training Course
Startup Metrics and Analytics Training Course
Digital Marketing for Business Training Course
Effective Social Media Use Training Course
Marketing and Sales for Startups Training Course
Market Research and Competitor Analysis Training Course

Attending KIMIA college entrepreneur and business school
Sharif University of Technology - KIMIA college
Founding (Persian handicrafts startup)
Founder, Product Manager, Web developer

Cafekado is a startup for selling and buying handicrafts in Middle-east, especially in Iran. In 2015, I established Cafekado as an open platform for handicrafts artisans and gave them the opportunity to introduce their products and tell their stories online. As a product manager and full-stack developer, I developed it in 2 years. Over the past 7 years, we have hosted more than 400,000 products from more than 10,000 artisans.
To train artisans, we created more than 50 hours of podcasts and video casts about packaging, delivering, photography, and such.
Cafekado got a prize from the minister of ICT of Iran (Mr. Jahromi) as a selected startup in a national competition.

As a new business, our web agency needed some financial and technical support and at that time Gilan science and technology park accepted our online RFID-oriented warehouse application for supporting. We used its mentorship and financial support to grow our business and find new customers.

Gilan Science and technology park
Running Dariche-zehn Web Agency
Founder, Product Manager, Web developer

Dariche-Zehn (which means the Window of the mind in Farsi) pushed me into the real business world. Since then, I've worked with more than 200 specialists and successfully done more than 150 projects in these fields:
- Online retail and e-commerce
- Distance learning and LMS
- Enterprise management system
- Online magazine
Also, we have created hundreds of websites for individuals and corporations and have delivered the infrastructure for building startups for those who wanted to have their own startups.

Studying in the field of Software engineering was an excellent opportunity for me. At that time I spent great deals of effort on these topics:

learning The C and Pascal programming language
Wast researching about Fuzzy logic and publishing an Article about it
Working on developing driver for RFID Reader/Writers(13.56 Mhz readers- Mifare card) using C#
My final project was designing and developing an attendance device which I developed with C# that run on Windows CE 5.0.

Azad University of Lahijan-IRAN
Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering

My Works & Projects

During the past 10 years, I've had a brilliant opportunity to communicate with passionate people who had a dream to lunch an online business or craved to automate their business procedures. Converting their business dreams into a user-friendly application has been my main responsibility during my career life.

Tooka museum guide
2010, 2022
Product manager, UI developer
Founder, Product manager and Web developer
Escape metaverse
Product manager, WordPress designer
Class Perfume
Product designer, UI developer
AtreArian Online Magazine
Product designer, UI developer, Back-end developer
Zehn - e - talaei (Golden Mind) Mathematics institute for kids
Product designer, Product manager, UI developer
WholesaleHall official website
Product manager, WordPress developer

Photo Albume

I am in favor of photos. They remind me of the moments which were crucial for me, the moments making me, Shaping me, and building what I am.

Creating a product is not the goal, providing convenience is the goal

Asking appropriate questions, finding the most important value that is supposed to be created and introduced, and focusing on that to develop, is the chief and very first responsibility of a product manager in every single project. Appropriate user experience is the offspring of this effort from my point of view.

What people think about me

There were dozen of customers who became my friends, and dozen of workmates who became my close friends. I asked them to give me a recommendation and there are their kind testimonials for me.

"Reza is a top-notch UI/UX designer and Product Manager. I had the pleasure of working with Reza for more than 4 years and I highly recommend him. He is always seeking to get to the core of the business value and applies design thinking to challenges. Also, he has a great sense of humour that makes working with him a fun experience. I would be delighted to work with Reza again."

For me , REZA is a mentor and also a good friend.I met him when i had started to learn Html and css.He helped me a lot by learning me and giving me some projects to do.He is a creative man who can design incredible websites.Also he is leader who can take risks and trust to his co-workers to develop their abilities. we shouldn’t forget his ability to negotiate.I saw that we had complicated situations in our projects many times that he solved all of them only with work,networking and being patient in complicated situations are his best abilities.

Reza is one of the best person I've met. We were colleague in Atrearian company. We worked together for almost 3 years. Some times in office and sometimes via Internet. He was our project manager at company's online projects. He is intelligent, passionate , creative, team player, and important point about him is he can manage all the group guys and if we couldn't do something he went out of his way to help us. I always trust him and after many years of finishing our project if I have problem about any softwares such as Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft office and also social medias, Website managing and so on, I ask him. On our common project he designed and developed our websites.Those days we work hard and also close together to handle our website that had more than 7000 visitors per day

Today in 2022, After more than 12 years of cooperating with Reza and after executing more than 20 very successful projects, I am glad to say that we are close friends. Thanks to Reza’s comprehensive knowledge in technology fields, we’ve launched various products for my company (Padideh Atre Arian Co.) ranging from an online magazine and online perfume shops, to various websites for our brands like OXO and Class Perfume, and CRM software and so on. He Remotely managed the online magazine team for more than 2 years very carefully. He is reliable, a team worker, patient, and a passionate person. Due to his knowledge of marketing and also his artistic sense and his ability in photoshop, etc., he worked closely with our marketing and graphic team. He is AMAZING!

Hamid Maraghechian
CEO & Founder at Atrearian Co.

If I had to give Reza a nickname, I would call him “Mr. Always On-call”! Reza is so creative and intelligent. Our procedures were not that thing we could mention as clear procedures, and we had to automate them due to the exponential growth we faced at that time. Reza and his team were so patient, accurate, and also professional in conceptualizing our needs to website form. Thanks to his strong background in ISO standards, we succeed to simplify many forms and procedures and after that made them automated. In addition, After the disaster happening in our Server provider (IranHost Co.) in which all servers were hacked in 2021, Reza and his teammates retrieve our data completely in less than 4 days without charging us! I recommend him strongly to people who think about long-term cooperating.

Mahmood Hosseini Alibeik
COO & Co-founder at Zehn - e - talaei
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