Tooka: Multimedia museum guide

  • Date : 2015-2022

Tooke, Multimedia museum guide

The story of Tooka backs to 2010 when the cultural department of municipality of Tehran asked us to help one of the important natural museums of city (Darabad Museum-Tehran) to have an appropriated museum guide. After wide research about these kinds of tools and applications and holding more than 10 meeting with museum staffs and talking to visitors to understand what they really need, we developed an online software that deployed on museum local server.

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Project Info :
Category :
Application design and developement
Date :
2010 , 2022
Role :
Product manager, UI/UX developer
Technologies & tools:
HTML5, CSS3, javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Php, Laravel, MySQL

Activities, Responsibility and Achievements

The concept of Multimedia guide was simple:
1. A local server that hosts database and application (After a while we change this server to a 15” web kiosk that served Birds information to visitors)

2. A software that can be accessed through local network via internet browser

3. A local network with wide coverage and a unique domain

4. An administrator panel for managing data Museum visitors used unique codes attached near each item to search and retrieve animals and birds information. For each item we delivered this information:

• Animal Name in Farsi
• Animal Name in English
• Scientific name
• Description
• Habitat
• Food
• Dispersion
• Class
• Order
• Family
• IUCN Red list condition
• At least 5 high quality images of animal
• At least one video
• Very professional narration
• Similar animals in Class, Order or Family field

All our efforts were to design a cool application that covers all tastes of all visitors in all ages.
Many of visitors were students and it seemed that we should use some fantasy design to grab their attention. Moreover, based on international researches every visitor spends only 30 to 45 seconds for visiting each item, thus we should design each page simple, stunning and short with less than 40 seconds narration and a very short video.

Activities and Responsibility :

We should create a very simple and attractive product which could work easily in any devices.

My Responsibility as Product manager and UI/UX designer:
• Leading a 6-person team consist of engineers, graphic designers, zoologist
• Holding regular sessions with museum officials and municipal managers to understand needs of project and confirmation of any steps of project
• Designing UX and UI of mobile application and web kiosk application (Both was web App.)


Tooka can be mentioned as a very successful project. After successful establish in Darabad Museum, the municipality of Tehran ordered another similar project for the famous Iranian scientist museum, Dr Hesabi private museum. These news of these two project published in related press in Iran and had a positive effect on my job improvement.
In 2021 and 2022 “Environmental Protection Organization of Iran” that had visited Tooka multimedia museum guide in Darabad Museum, order 2 version of it that should be customized based on items for 2 museum : Natural Museum of Kerman province and Natural Museum of Golestan province.